Direct Flights to Nassau Airlines
   Atlanta DL
   Charlotte US
   Cincinnati DL
   Ft. Lauderdale AA, CO, NK, UP
   Memphis (seasonal) NW
   Miami AA, CO, UP
   New York JFK B6
   New York LaGuardia CO, DL, NK
   Newark US
   Orlando AA, CO, DL, NK
   Philadelphia US
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CO     Continental
DL      Delta
NK      Spirit
NW     Northwest
UP      Bahamas Air
US      US Airways

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(800) 231-0856
(800) 221-1212
(800) 447-4747
(800) 222-4262
(800) 662-1015


You can also catch a charter flight usually without reservation from Nassau to San Andros in the morning or late afternoon that will carry four anglers and their gear for about $300-$350. Seeing the Joulters from the air is something you'll not forget and worth the "price of admission". You will have to take a short cab ride to the charter terminal from the regular terminal.

Charter airlines and pilots can provide some alternatives from Ft. Lauderdale to Andros but they charge by the plane, not the person, so having about four people makes it fairly reasonable. You can fly from Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport, which is about a 20 minute cab ride from Ft Lauderdale International Airport, directly to San Andros. Watch weight requirements as it usually takes a 6-person plane to handle four men and all their gear. Email us if you're interested in this option.

Bahamas Ferries operates high speed catamaran vehicle and passenger ferries from Potters Cay in Nassau (under Paradise Island Bridges) to Morgans Bluff on North Andros, which is just down the beach, several days a week. Check their website for schedules. The trip is a couple of hours long, and unless the weather is quite rough, the trip can be very enjoyable. You'll travel on either the SeaWind (extremely large comfortable and air-conditioned) or SeaLink. BE CERTAIN you book for North Andros, Morgans Bluff - not Fresh Creek.


To enter the Bahamas you will need a Passport and a government issued ID, drivers license, etc. As of December 31, 2006, a valid passport is also required for U.S. citizens when returning to the U.S. You will not need a Visa, shots or a Health Certificate. There is a $15 departure tax to leave Nassau so if you have spent all your money, you'll just have to stay and become a bonefish bum!


US money is accepted everywhere here, dollar for dollar in Nassau and on Andros. Credit cards are accepted in VERY few places on Andros but there is an ATM machine nearby. Bring your cash in 20's not 100's as most purchases will be small and large bills can present a problem at small stores. Keep an eye out for Bahamian dimes as they have a bonefish on them and make for great souvenirs.


Most anglers prefer 8-weight or 9-weight rods for the Bonefish, 9 or 10 weights for the big Barracuda and 12-weights for the Tarpon. Robust saltwater reels are a must. A 150 yard run by a hot bonefish has been the undoing of many a cheap reel. Long casts and casts that can penetrate into the wind dictate using dedicated Bonefish and Tarpon lines that are made to remain stiff in hot temperatures. For leaders we recommend 10 foot/10 pound to 12 foot/12 pound for the bonefish and 20 pound with 80 shock tips for the Tarpon. You can use the same Bonefish leaders on the Barracuda but add on a wire tip section.


Some of our favorite flies are the traditional Bonefish Charlie's, Clousers, and Gotcha's with some lesser known Squimps, Pink Mini-Puffs, Bonecrushers, and Bunny Gotchas in sizes 4 through 6 or 8. Bring mostly bead-chained eyes. Having a huge selection of flies is not normally necessary but you should choose flies that give you a range of bright to subtle colors in all sink rates. A good rule of thumb is that depending on whatever water depth you are fishing that the time to sink is approximately two seconds. Tying your flies in each size ahead of time will let you choose the proper fly and size without trial and error.


A couple of small hand towels for cleaning your glasses after each run in the boat, a one-use underwater camera to carry while wading, an extra hat (just in case), a good, waterproof sunscreen like Waterbabies, bug repellant for mosquitoes at night sometimes, light-colored clothing for wading (bonefish can see dark objects up through the water), a waterproof bag, and a lightweight, rainproof jacket are all good ideas to bring along.


The cottage is a two-minute walk to a beautiful beach. There is good snorkeling and sunbathing at your fingertips. You can snorkel the ocean Blue Hole in Conch Sound or find a young person in Evans Town to walk you to the mysterious Evans Cave and Blue Hole (explored by Jacques Cousteau). Two bicycles are available for your use. Our taxi driver, Alan Russell, can be hired for half or full day tours of Andros Island. There are original straw baskets and wood carvings to purchase in Red Bays, the only settlement on the wild west side of Andros. Red Bays is also the home of the sponging Industry. You can also visit other Blue Holes and Captain Morgans's Cave. On a full day trip you can tour the Androsia Batik Factory. Rental cars are also available. Don't forget we drive on the left side of the road!